‚ÄčOn Line With God (G-Mail) The Ultimate Icon is a collection of electronic memos or E-mail from a Judeo-Christian Almighty representing no particular Christian denomination or movement of Judaism. Envision a deity resembling the late, Walter Matthau in his baseball cap and well, close enough for road work. The humorous memos are directed to people, places and even animated characters and were designed for people with a sense of humor because after all, where do you think that sense of humor came from? The ebook, On Line With God, (G-Mail), The Ultimate Icon, Volume 1 can be purchased for $8.99 at Amazon. Link to On Line With God (G-Mail) The Ultimate Icon AMAZON.com

On Line With God (G Mail) or Memos From God was first copyrighted in 1983. All of the names in On Line With God (G-Mail) The Ultimate Icon, are purely fictional and bear no resemblance to people alive or dead except for the satirical treatment of public figures, individuals or characters who appear or have appeared in the mass media.